The DAIS Book of Discovery showcases who we are, what we do, and our culture. Featuring a custom DAIS pattern on the spine, and only two inks throughout the whole piece, a key theme in the Book of Discovery is simplicity. A running thread of discovery visually and thematically connects each entry in the book, and all illustrations are custom and pared back, relying on the idea and letting the materials shine. The Book of Discovery contains few words, but speaks volumes.
Printed Offset with Platypus Graphics in Pantone Black U and Pantone Neon 805 U.

2014 PICA Excellence in Print – Gold (Self Promotion).
Creative Director – Jack Perlinski
Art Director – Stephen Younger
Senior Creative Designer - Matt Studdert
Senior Creative Designer - Pete Morris
Strategist - Gareth Gower
Finished Artist – Craig Skipworth

© DAIS 2015. All rights reserved.

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