Recreo provides next generation software systems to the financial services industry. Previously know as On Investments, we rebranded the business to better communicate the unique and timesaving nature of their products.
Formed from the Latin words ‘Re’ meaning back/again and ‘Creo’ for create/produce, Recreo means to restore, revive and re-create. It’s also the Spanish verb for recreation and play, and together this speaks to Recreo’s innovative, high performance software that restores your time and gives you freedom.
Aiming to capture the idea that Recreo products and services allow you to achieve more in the same timeframe, we based the Recreo visual identity around the 12 chapters of a clock face. We created custom typography for the brand name, constructing the R with cues from a clock hand. A colour palette of carbon, a material both light and strong, and copper, a long-lasting premium metal, matched perfectly with Recreo’s innovative and intelligent products.

Creative Director – Jack Perlinski
Art Director – Stephen Younger
Strategist – Paul Martyna
Finished Artist – Craig Skipworth

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