Stephen is a directed, relentless and tireless creative mind. His ability to solve creative problems under the most adverse of circumstances is a joy to behold. Stephen will follow a creative objective to its logical conclusion and is happy to abandon a line of inquiry if it proves unsuitable, confident in his ability to come up with other solutions.
Chris Dixon
Senior Designer at Nick Pty

Steve worked for me for nearly 8 years, and was a key member of the design team. He created numerous brand marques and indeed numerous brands in his time at Wren & Rowe. He is passionate about his work, and received many accolades from clients and colleagues alike. He also picked up a prestigious Graphis Gold award for one of his corporate identity projects, Global Food Funatics. He is much missed in Europe, but I’m sure his talents are having impact across another continent.
Paul Foulkes-Arellano
Client Programmes @ Precipice Design, London

Steve's work on our brand was some of the most impressive creative work I have witnessed. Underpinned by extensive research, Steve's creative genius has transformed our Brand and inspired our people.
Graham Toon
Human Resources & Organisational Development @ Livingstones

Having the ability to get your client to push their creative limits and produce outstanding work on their dime, is what set good designers apart from great designers. Steve clearly has this ability. I can imagine he is up against some very corporate clients. His work demonstrates that good things can come out of such environments if you have the right mindset.

Damien Aistrope
Australian Infront
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